You don’t need water to drown.

Do you work hard to make sure you have it all together on the outside? Does everyone need you all at once? Does nothing ever quite get finished before the next thing begins? Too much to do and too little time to do it.

Or maybe depression and anxiety is suffocating you and you can’t see a way out. Do you want to fall to your knees and surrender? Do you feel you just can’t do this? That it’s too much? Depression and anxiety overwhelms the mind. You are not alone.

If you do your best to convince yourself that you’re ok despite being ruled by anxiety, insecurities and fear then I am speaking to you. You don’t have to be drowning in an ocean to resonate with what I’m saying. We all live those days.

What do you do when it all feels like too much?

1. Just because it’s the daily stuff of life, make certain you don’t deny that this is hard stuff. It is better to face your day, accepting that there are hard things ahead and bracing yourself with courage, than to deny it and be caught off guard.

2. Figure out the real problem. What is the real thing that is overwhelming you? It’s not what someone is or isn’t doing. What is the REAL issue. Identifying the true source of overwhelming feelings will allow you to work out how to deal with it.

3. Figure out what you can change and write it down, including how you’re going to make it happen. What parts of the problem do you have the ability to change? One of the ways to change might be to change your way of looking at things. Your life might not be falling apart…your thoughts are.

If you have tried these tips and still continue to feel overwhelmed, then there might be something more serious preventing you from being able to cope. A qualified therapist will help you develop more effective skills for dealing with feeling like you’re drowning.


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