“I’m sorry. “

Apologies are best if they’re done immediately after doing something wrong. However, sometimes it takes a little soul-searching in order to find the right words to say.

Some apologies may take years. Some apologies never happen. It all depends on the people involved.

Some people lack the self-esteem required to take responsibility for their less than honorable behaviors, feel remorse, and offer a heartfelt apology. Also, people may be so hard on themselves for the mistakes they make, they don’t have the emotional room to admit vulnerability and apologize.

You have to decide if you can move forward without an apology. You don’t need to wait for people to be sorry in order to forgive them. Whether or not the apology comes, the true sign of regret and remorse is whether or not the behavior changes. Pay attention. You don’t need to put yourself in a position to be hurt again.

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