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Online Therapy

Welcome! I provide online therapy with video conferencing through FaceTime, Vsee, and Skype. Your smart phone, tablet, or computer give you access to the therapy you need from the comfort of your home, office, or any place that gives you privacy and an internet connection.

Perhaps you’re going through a rough spot and need some guidance. Maybe you are suffering from symptoms of depression, anxiety, stress, grief and loss, anger, bipolar disorder, PTSD, relationship issues, or life changes. I will help you cope with your problems so they don’t interfere with a happy, healthy life.



There are no trips to plan, time off from work, or sitters to arrange. All you need is privacy and an internet connection. If your schedule is hectic, you travel often, are home bound, or live in remote areas with no access to local counseling services, you can easily access me with Vsee, Skype or FaceTime.

You are probably carrying me with you right now. I can provide licensed therapy from where you are sitting. Is right now a convenient time to contact me? It’s time to begin. Click here to schedule your free consultation. Take the next step.



Many people avoid traditional therapy because of the stigma and attitudes. There are often too many people in the mix and everyone seems to have an opinion. Online therapy is confidential. No one needs to know you are seeking help. It is not necessary to explain yourself to anybody.

Online therapy with me means no receptionist, no waiting room full of people, noone to explain yourself to, and nobody to make you feel the least bit uncomfortable about getting the help you need. There’s only you and me, working together so you can live a happier life.



I have been helping people change their lives as a licensed psychotherapist for almost 20 years. Recent studies show online therapy can be just as effective as traditional face-to-face therapy. In my experience it is often more effective. The relaxed, familiar environment and the relative anonymity of the internet foster a more open communication.

We will work together to identify the issues, address them, and learn to cope so you can quit stumbling over them and get on with the happy, healthy life that you deserve.

Online Therapy is not appropriate for all situations. Call 911 if you are in immediate danger.


Is it time for a therapist?

Everyone experiences times of stress, sadness, grief and conflict.   So oftentimes, it can be difficult to know whether or not you should seek out a therapist. The simplest answer to this question is whether or not you can manage your day to day functioning.

We tend to think that problems or our feelings about the problems are just going to go away on their own. But this isn’t always the case. If you find yourself not engaging and avoiding your life, you probably want to talk to a therapist about how life is affecting you. Anything that overwhelms you or leaves you unable to cope is a good reason to see a therapist.

For example, how is stress interfering with your life? Anxiety, constant worry, fear, headaches, stomach aches, a run down immune system, sleep problems, feelings of hopelessness and worthlessness, increased irritability, problems concentrating, changes to appetite, a loss of interest in activities you once loved, feeling disconnected and strained relationships are all good indications that it is time for you to contact a therapist. You don’t need all of these symptoms; one or more can be problematic.

Many times people feel they don’t need a therapist because they are smart enough to solve their own problems. We all have blind spots. Intelligence has nothing to do with it. A good therapist doesn’t tell you what to do or how to live your life. A good therapist helps you gain insight into yourself so you can make better choices.

Grief and Loss

That crushing, heavy pain deep in your chest. The aching lump in the back of your throat. The stinging eyes. The headaches from crying. Mood swings. Numbness. Nightmares. Gut wrenching pain. Forgetfulness. Meaninglessness. Heart palpitations. Loss of purpose and emptiness.

They say grief is a healing process. Then why is it the hurt so absolutely devastating? It doesn’t feel like healing. To break the bond feels as if we will die ourselves. At some very basic level, we fear our very survival.

We are being crushed, mangled and ripped apart. Our hearts are wounded and nothing seems to lessen the pain. The throes of profound grief can be quite scary and alarming. We can become paralyzed with uncertainty and debilitated by pain. The painful emotions are so long lasting and severe that accepting the loss and resuming your life may seem impossible. Grief is one of the most difficult experiences and human emotions we face.

Struggling with these feelings may mean it is time to speak to a therapist. Therapy helps you make sense of losses you have experienced and helps you to process and manage the intense feelings associated with loss.

Through grieving the loss, we are able to bring new meaning to our lives, a greater appreciation for the life we have, for those with whom we shared our lives, and those who remain.

Click here for more information on grief and loss.

Panic and Anxiety

Fear of losing control. Hyperventilation. Numbness. Fear of dying. Excessive worry. Pounding heart. Fear of going crazy. Inability to catch your breath. Fear of what others think of you. Feeling overwhelmed. Feeling trapped. Fear of being alone. Racing heart. Heart palpitations. Trembling. Difficulty breathing. Numbness. Nausea. Ringing in the ears. Choking sensations. Feelings of unreality. Dizziness. Feeling disoriented. Inability to speak or concentrate. Arguments in your head.

What am I describing?

If I were to tell you that someone just broke into your home, held you hostage, and threatened your life, these symptoms would make complete sense. Feelings of anxiety often serve as an “alarm system,” alerting you to danger. Many of these symptoms would ensure your survival by tapping into your fight or flight instinct.

Now, imagine for a moment feeling this very same terror while driving to work. Or after a fight with your spouse. Or at the grocery store. Or sitting quietly in a restaurant. What if there was no clear reason for these disturbing feelings?

Anxiety and panic have been said to be among the most intensely frightening, upsetting, and uncomfortable experiences of a person’s life. Although the thoughts and feelings of anxiety and panic are all too real, the brain is being tricked into thinking that you are somehow in danger — when actually you are not. Unrelenting doubts and fears can be paralyzing. They can deplete your emotional energy, send your anxiety levels soaring and interfere with your daily life.

Struggling with these feelings may mean it is time to speak to a therapist. Therapy can help you learn how to change ingrained thought patterns and behaviors and also explore different relaxation techniques to quiet and relax the mind.

Infidelity and Rejection

Shock. Rage. Denial. The feeling that your entire world has instantly changed. The sudden loss of the warmth and security you took for granted. Shame and self-doubt from not being good enough. Sadness over what you have lost. Anger from the deception and misplaced trust. Fear that you will never replace what you have lost. Those images playing over and over in your head. And pain like you have never known.

Is this the new you?

Not at all.

Whether you have ended the relationship, plan to end it, or want to fix it, the most important part remains the same. It is the realization that you deserve more. That the actions, opinions, and mistakes of the people around you do not define you. You must regain your self-confidence and your self-worth. Without these things, you cannot move forward.

You are fully capable of finding your way through this… I promise you. I will help you.

Tell me your story. Let’s write a new chapter in your life.

Text me. Call me. Email me. Let’s begin right now.

Click here for more information about relationships.


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